The 10th Hong Kong Web Symposium and International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning will focus on the main theme of: 'Enhancing Learning through Technology'.

The Conference theme can be taken as a description of the work that all of us are engaged in, that is, developing or applying technology to enhance learning. In this sense, the Conference offers an arena for the presentation of projects completed or underway which have enhanced learning through technology or hold the promise of doing so. It is essential to share success stories in order to refine our practices through comparison, and equally important to compare notes on difficulties encountered.

The Conference theme is also a description of the challenge that faces us: How can we most effectively enhance learning through the application of technology? It is anticipated that the Conference will serve as an effective forum for discussing research into the potential applications in learning and teaching of both cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge pedagogical practices. In addition to research findings, this will ideally include evaluations of research approaches and methods, as reflective research is needed to push forward our practice effectively.

The most important meaning of our Conference theme is perhaps that learning is the focus -- the goal is to enhance learning, and technology is one tool for achieving this. The Conference is designed first and foremost to bring together technologists, theorists and educational practitioners in order to work together to reconfigure and improve the learning experience, bridge the gap between teacher and learner, and seamlessly blend technology into the learning and teaching experience.

Based on the above theme, the parallel paper presentations of the Conference are divided into the following sub-themes:

These sub-themes enable us to focus in on the specifics of how to improve and enhance the learning experience with the technology available to us at the present time.